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As design technologies improve and more users conduct their business online, the user experience, referred to as “UX”, is more important than it has ever been.  UX, as the very term implies, is all about creating positive, productive, easy online experiences for your customer. As a company, your goal should be to anticipate your customers’ needs and deliver upon each online request. So, how do you create such an impactful experience? That’s where we come in.   

Businesses are finally investing in and making the shift to improving the user experience across all web properties.  In fact, UX design has become a specialty in and of itself, and it requires a keen understanding of both human psychology and technical knowledge of website design.  UX Design has become so crucial that its long-reaching impact directly affects the success of a business’ digital marketing efforts. After all, your web visitors are the very people who will soon become your customers (or choose to go to your competitors, instead). It’s easy to see how the quality of your user experience can impact your bottom line. 

Good UX should give users easy access to whatever they’re looking for –  from any platform, and at any time.  Positive experiences are what convert casual visitors into loyal customers and brand advocates. Good UX is how you build brand credibility, and it is the key to your long-term success. Here are a few of the advantages of investing your resources in a strong, professionally-designed user experience:

  • Brand Awareness – Visibility is everything when it comes to reaching your target audience, especially online, but it’s not enough to have an attractive web design. It must also be user-friendly and focused on your business goals. Your web presence is your greatest marketing tool. A strong presence and marketing strategy will draw users in, and then they become your advocates. Of course, you’ll only win them over if you’re giving them what they want.  Is your website easy to navigate? Can users easily find all of the answers to their questions? Does your design function seamlessly with each click? These are just a few examples of the factors that will shape a user’s opinion of your brand.  
  • Conversions – In a sea of websites pushing similar ideas, products, and services, it can be a challenge to stand out. Attractive yet straight forward web designs are your ticket to successful conversions. Web users of today are impatient and crave online business interactions that can meet their immediate needs quickly and easily. A strong user experience takes the work out of the users’ hands. When you take the work out of it, they are more likely to continue moving through your conversion funnel.
  • Bottom Line – If you’re able to convert users through the use of a professional, well-planned UX Design, you absolutely will see the difference in your revenue. When you make site navigation easy so that customers are able to purchase or invest in your services, then they’ll want to come back time and time again. Remember, we live in an ‘I need it yesterday’ kind of world. Customers appreciate brands who don’t waste their valuable time. So, show your appreciation of their decision to click on your website, and develop your digital marketing strategy specifically with UX in mind.  

UX Design is all about delivering the information your target audience seeks with ease. That is what creates positive interactions which lead to brand advocacy, conversions, and increased profits. The user experience is a necessary element to the success of your digital marketing efforts and the financial health of your business overall. 

Are you interested in evaluating your current website user experience or having a strong UX design in place for a new web project? If so, we would love to hear from you! Contact a member of the Britefish team to request a consultation.

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