So what is hosting?

Hosting for your website is one of the most vital components in the performance of your website. You can think of hosting as the land your website sits on. This is the foundation on which your websites lives and it has an address so people can find you.

So where do domain names come into play? Well giving an address to someone to find you is a pain so why not give them something easy to remember to find? Like a domain name! We hide all that complex info so your customers don’t need to worry about it, and neither do you.

So why do we host websites?

Britefish is a full service hosting company. If you have questions, we are here to answer them and we will support you in every way possible. If you are looking for a company with a vast amount of knowledge in the web services area and looking for a great customer experience, you are in the right place! A large majority of our hosting clients are those that have built websites with us.

What does our platform look like?

Britefish runs on cPanel + Litespeed for our shared hosting platform. Most of our shared hosting is made to fit our clients and can expand as needed. Our platform allows for easy access and management of your website so you can be as hands-on as you would like. We also accommodate the management of your domains within the Britefish dashboard so you can keep all your web services in one place.