Javascript Development

At Britefish, we develop the kind of custom applications that make your business soar. Among the languages we use to do that is Javascript, a developer language that enables the creation of front-end single-page web applications. It offers powerful interactive programming components to create a rich user experience, which is why this is a choice preferred by so many programming professionals today.

JavaScript is a fast-evolving language that essentially replaces static pages with dynamic, real-time interfaces. It is considered the future of web-based applications spanning mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms – all of which we can employ to your advantage and give your business the competitive edge.


Why Javascript?

For both the sake of our Britefish development team as well as for the sake of your brand website, technique matters. That’s why we use Javascript. It goes beyond reliability, presenting many unique benefits to its users, including:

Rich User Experience

Javascript provides a wide range of custom web development capabilities, such as data visualizations, single-page applications, and interactive animations.


Developers and website owners have access to a team of skilled and experienced consultants when needed for executing various JavaScript frameworks and libraries, including Backbone, AngularJS, D3.js, Node.js, and Ionic.

Deep, Consistent Development & Knowledge

Javascript is constantly expanding their knowledge in the latest JavaScript technologies as trends and new information continue to develop, including in the realms of frameworks and libraries like AngularJS 2 and React.

What Can Javascript Do For You?

At its core, the JavaScript language consists of some common programming features that allow users to do things like:

Store useful values inside variables. So, if there’s a section on your website that asks for a new name to be entered, then Javascript can easily store that name in a variable called ‘name.’

Operate on pieces of text, or “strings” as they’re known in the programming, so that you can create complete text labels. Say you wanted to assign a string, let’s say it’s titled “Player1:”, to a ‘name’ variable, let’s say “Joe”. Javascript allows you to take that string and join it to the appropriate ‘name’ label to create “Player 1: Joe.”

Run code in response to certain events occurring on a web page. So, for instance, when a user clicks a link on your website, that’s an event, and Javascript is able to detect when the button is clicked so that it can then run the code that updates the text label.

Javascript can do all of this and more to create a fully interactive web application and exceptional user experience.

Javascript Development to Meet Your Unique Business Objectives

In every project that we complete, our goal is to help your business meet key operational objectives. Javascript is one of the developer languages we use to do just that. Our creative engineers and designers will help you build a trusted reputation and brand recognition from the ground up.