C++ is a mid-level programming language that helps users optimize resources through its imperative and object-oriented features. It’s used heavily by the custom development team at Britefish, primarily in an application domain. The core language provides all of the required building blocks needed to support web applications, including variable, data types, literals, and beyond. C++ supports object-oriented programming including its features like Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Abstraction, and Inheritance, concepts that make the C++ language different from other languages and why we use this language to easily develop and conceptualize applications for our clients.


Why C++?

C++ is a fast language that supports multiplayer options with networking. It allows procedural programming for intensive functions of CPU while also providing control over hardware, and it supports both object-oriented and generic programming. This programming language also comes with a vast standard library with a rich set of functions that can manipulate files, methods manipulating data structures, and more.

There are many benefits of using C++ for developing applications, but the reason it is so popular and why we recommend this language to our clients is that it boasts extensive, customizable features and provides unparalleled security. This makes C++ ideal for many uses, including:

Web Browser – C++ language is great for developing browser’s, as it was used to make Google Chrome and Firefox.

Database Access – C++ language is used for developing database software or open source database software. It helps in saving time, money, business systems, and packaged software. This language also makes database access fast with quick, accurate delivery of information.

Applications – C++ is great for the development of new applications based on graphic user interface, like the popular application adobe Photoshop.

Operating Systems –  C++ is used for developing most of the operating systems for Microsoft, such as Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer, and few parts of Apple operating system.

Games – C++ is used for developing games and can even override the complexity of 3D games by optimizing the resources.

Animation – Virtual real devices are very popular in today’s entertainment world. There are many animated software’s developed with help of C++ language. It’s widely used in building real-time, image processing, mobile sensor applications and visual effects, ideal for things like animation, motion graphics, environments, character creation, and virtual reality.

Media Access – C++ is used to create media players and can manage video and audio files. It also has such features as art support and streaming of audio and video.

Britefish C++ Development

C++ is a language that is used everywhere and primarily in systems programming and embedded systems. The development team at Britefish is particularly well-versed in this language, so that we can help you create systems and applications specific to your needs and goals.

C++ is one of the safest languages available to developers because of its extensive security measures and features. C++ is compatible with multiple platforms and software so that you can employ a wide variety of usages and create something truly unique.