React JS

React JS is a framework used for building user interfaces specifically for single-page applications. It handles view layer for web and mobile apps while also allowing us the capabilities to create reusable,practical UI components.

React JS allows our expert team of developers to create large web applications that are able to change data simply, without the need to reload pages. The main purpose of React JS, and why Britefish uses this framework, is because it’s fast, scalable, and simple. It works only on user interfaces in application which can be viewed in the MVC template. The framework can also be used with a combination of other JavaScript libraries or frameworks, such as Angular JS in MVC.


Why React JS?

React JS comes with many key features that enable our expert teams to craft your unique, scalable website. Some of the most important features specific to this framework include: JSX, React Native, Single-Way data flow, and Virtual Document Object Model.

While there are many open-source platforms for making front-end web application development easier, we work with React JS because of its reliability, ease, and technologically advanced approach. Some of the great benefits you receive when working with this framework include:

Simplicity – React JS is incredibly user-friendly making it a great choice for both professional developers as well as website owners who take over its management. It’s a component-based framework with a well-defined lifecycle that uses plain JavaScript to make React JS very simple and fully supported. React JS is unique because it uses a special syntax called JSX which allows you to mix HTML with JavaScript.

Easy to learn – Once a professional develops your website using React JS, essentially anyone with basic knowledge in programming, like CSS and HTML, can learn to easily understand React JS.

Data Binding – React JS uses one-way data binding. Through an application architecture called Flux, it controls the flow of data to components through a single control point called the dispatcher. This means that it’s easier to debug self-contained components of large React JS apps.

Native Approach – React JS can be used to create mobile applications, a must in today’s modern, on-the-go landscape. And, fortunately, React JS is all about reusability. This means that extensive code reusability is supported, so while your website is created, you can also create IOS, Android, and Web applications using code you’ve already written.

React JS Development with Britefish

We work with React JS because this framework makes it painless to create fantastic interactive user interfaces. It’s based on the principle that HTML and JavaScript are bound to collaborate side-by-side. With this distinct capability, React JS has a business-forward mindset. It’s a framework that allows us to leverage faster web-page load speed, SEO friendliness, and code reusability through combining the two technologies, which ultimately allows your website to hit the ground running, reaching your target audience to pull in immediate ROI.