Choosing the right content management service (CMS) for your website is an important decision. There are so many out there that it can be difficult to know which will ultimately serve you and your business best. Fortunately, Britefish is here to guide you.

One of the platforms we support is WordPress, the popular open-source software used to create sophisticated websites, blogs, or apps. Their software designs boast easy access, exceptional performance, advanced security, and ease of use, all while providing powerful features to help your venture successfully grow. WordPress is a CMS we recommend because of its minimum set up requirements, which allow you to focus on what’s most important – sharing your story, products, or services.

The Benefits of WordPress for Business

Your website is your calling card. It’s there to help people learn about who you are and what you’re offering. And, when done correctly, the goal is to present this information in a way that looks appealing, makes sense, and is easy for you to update when necessary. This is what a content management system, like WordPress, does for you, and so much more, and why we enjoy collaborating and creating on this platform with our clients.

Some of the great benefits to using WordPress as your CMS include:


WordPress allows you to present your content the way you want. With thousands of themes and more than 55,000 plugins, and control over everything from fonts to colors and formatting, we can help you create a completely unique, customizable website.


The WordPress CMS allows for easy management and use. Anyone with specified access can make adjustments, upgrades, or publish content with no more technical challenge than creating a slideshow. This means that your website can be tweaked quickly, even on-the-fly, whenever you need to share new information with your audience.

Search Engine Optimization

The whole point of creating a website is to be seen by your audience. WordPress makes this ease, as it formats your site in a way that’s easy for search engine crawlers to navigate by allowing you ways to enter your content title tags and meta descriptions without any coding. These advanced options and the setup structure means that your content will be found and listed by search engines. There are also SEO plugins that can further optimize your site’s search engine performance.


These days, a website must be mobile friendly, as this is where more than half of web traffic, worldwide, now comes from. This means that if your website and content don’t load quickly and properly on mobile devices, users will click away, and you miss out on a huge audience and ultimately conversions. A mobile-optimized WordPress theme will ensure that your content looks right on mobile devices and delivers fast load times.

Contact Britefish for All of Your WordPress Needs

Britefish is here to help you develop and manage your website on the WordPress CMS platform. Our wide-ranging technical expertise, impeccable track record, and satisfied clients make us an ideal collaborator for helping you grow your business.

Let us build you a beautiful, customized WordPress website that will ensure your business is able to not only meet your goals but exceed them.