C Programming Language

C programming language is a hugely popular mid-level programming language that developers like us use to create custom web applications. It is a preferred language because it has fewer keywords and standard libraries and library functions, making programming straight forward and quick while still allowing the freedom to design almost any kind of function. Its popularity also stems from the fact that it’s able to make both low level applications, like device drivers, operating systems, firmware, etc., and high-level applications, like desktop applications.

C language has a rich set of data types with fantastic features of type qualifiers, like volatile, const, and more. It’s an efficient and flexible language with a proven track record, as it’s one of the oldest programming languages, and has access to a user community with a deep understanding of its functions. Developers, like our Britefish team, use C programming because of its many popular features, including Portability, Modularity, and Structure Oriented.

C Programming Language

How Can This Custom Programming Language Benefit Your Business?

Despite the abundance of higher-level languages on the market today, C programming continues to empower the world. Some of the systems that are used by millions and are programmed in the C language include Microsoft windows, Linux, Mac, Mobile, and more. Some of the world’s most popular databases are also powered by C language, including Oracle Database, MySQL, MS SQL Server, and PostgreSQL, which are used in all kinds of systems, from government, to financial, to entertainment and media, to healthcare, to education, social networks, web, and beyond.

When it comes to programming languages, one size does not fit all. But, for certain applications, C language is unbeatable and why Britefish works with this programming. Some of the key reasons C language is ideal include:

Code Size – C programming language has a very small runtime, and the memory footprint for its code is smaller than most other languages, which makes for quick work and more uptime.

Portability and Efficiency – C programming is essentially a portable assembly language. It’s as close to the machine as possible while being almost universally available for existing processor architectures. That’s why libraries, compilers, and interpreters of other programming languages are often implemented in C language. Even interpreted languages like Python, Ruby, and PHP have their primary implementations written in C programming.

Memory Manipulation – An important feature that makes C language a perfect fit for system programing is that is has arbitrary memory address access and pointer arithmetic. This ability to manipulate arbitrary memory addresses is key, as system applications must read and write to those custom memory locations in order to communicate with the world.

Britefish Custom Development Solutions

Much of today’s world runs on C-powered devices, and that is why we have made it a priority to become experts in this programming language. The C programming language allows you to work on all kinds of interesting projects. Whether you’re looking to develop big database servers or operating system kernels, or small embedded applications, through C language, we can help you do it all. Its versatility, efficiency, and track record of great performance makes its programming an ideal choice for even high complexity data manipulation software, like databases or 3D animation. When performance is the priority, you want C language to support your desired application.