Magento is an excellent open source eCommerce platform that boasts tons of options for customization and integration. This CMS gives you the ability to make your online shopping website more successful than ever before. Over the years, it has proven to be a stunning platform that can satisfy all of your online shopping needs and is sure to take your business to the next level.

As eCommerce has grown into a roughly billion-user community in this modern age, online stores are seeing more and more growth and financial success each and every year. Building and designing your online store correctly, with your specific customer base in mind, can lead to great business success.

Britefish is here to help you build your Magento website with full capabilities that provide online shopping that offers amazing cart customization and security.

The Benefits of Magento for Your Business

Magento is a CMS platform that provides all of the solutions you need to set up a successful eCommerce website. It allows for easy setup and full customization. Other benefits include:

Design Customization

Magento provides tons of CSS customization options ready to use for web design so that you can design and create your eCommerce site exactly as you envision.


Magento keeps up with mobile web design standards, making your site is mobile-friendly, and also provides advanced SEO solutions to make sure your site gets seen. All of this ultimately ensures that users will have a great experience with your site, increasing your chances of converting casual lookers into customers.

Quick Load Time

Magento has the power to produce fast loading web pages, which means that your information can be received by the online consumer instantly, ultimately leading to higher percentages of annual sales.

Secure Order

This CMS provides your business and shoppers with top of the line order security as well as product management options, including custom reporting features. This makes it easy for you to view periodic transaction history, change product descriptions, add images, add or remove items, and more.

Multi-Website Options

Magento is the most ideal eCommerce CMS platform because it has the capability to host multiple websites on just 1 back-end admin.

Currency and Language Support

Magento supports all currencies making it efficient for US stores and international stores to use. The CMS also supports many languages.

Custom Integrations

Magento gives online stores more space for custom integrations by allowing 3rd party integrations. This includes major web applications and payment gateways.

Hosting Options

Magento allows eCommerce stores to freely select any hosting company of their choice. This translates to great flexibility and freedom for your online shopping businesses.

Contact Britefish for All of Your Magento Design and Development Needs

Magento provides wonderful possibilities and has made the eCommerce world a bigger, global, highly customizable platform. It is an excellent CMS platform for businesses with eCommerce sites.

Britefish is here to help you expand your reach and annual sales by being a part of your collaborative team that takes you into the future.