Ruby is a high-level, dynamic, open source programming language that focuses on productivity and simplicity. Ruby is different because it handles most of the complex details of the machine, making way for elegant syntax which reads naturally and is easy to write. This means that you can build a unique, high-functioning web property quickly and with less coding.

Ruby was made popular by the Ruby on Rails framework, a development tool which gives web developers a structured basis for all the code they write. Rails essentially helps developers build websites and applications by simplifying common repetitive tasks. One of the key principles of Ruby on Rails development and why Britefish uses this framework is that it goes by the rules ‘convention over configuration.’ This means programmers don’t have to spend a lot of time configuring files in order to get setup, as Rails comes with a set of conventions designed to help speed up the development process, which translates to great news for your business’ bottom line.


How Can Ruby Benefit Your Business

While there are many reasons we enjoy working with Ruby and recommend it to our clients, one characteristic that stands out about Rails is the emphasis on RESTful application design. REST, or Representational State Transfer, is a style of software architecture based around the client-server relationship. It encourages a logical structure within applications for easy exposure as application programming interfaces.

Ruby’s repetitious development method encourages a fully flexible, collaborative approach making it particularly suited for web application development that comes with fast-changing requirements. This makes for many benefits, including:

Readability – Ruby code is very easy to read and mostly self-documenting. This makes for increased productivity since there’s little need to write out separate documentation.

Speed – Programming with Ruby is much faster than some other frameworks and languages because of its object-oriented nature and the vast collection of open source code available within the Rails community.

RAD – Because the framework makes for easy accommodation of changes, Rails is ideal for rapid application development.

Cross-Platform Capabilities – The Ruby on the Rails conventions make it very easy for developers to move between different Rails projects. You can do this because each project will essentially follow the same structure and coding practices, making them easy to reuse and transfer.

Ruby Web Development with Britefish

Britefish works with Ruby because it enables the rapid development of dynamic web applications. It’s an incredibly versatile tool and a solid framework that has the ability to create everything from state-of-the-art public websites that can compete with Single Page JavaScript applications, to complex enterprise core system applications. Its versatility is able to stand up against both the sleek and the powerful, whether you’re looking for your future game changing website or just your middle of the road business website. Ruby’s solid framework employed by our expert team will ensure your site meets your overall objectives.