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Nothing moves faster than digital trends, and this is especially true when it comes to your company’s website. Consumer wants and needs are constantly changing and are already geared toward the demand of instant gratification. What worked yesterday simply doesn’t cut it today. In fact, a website designed just a few years ago is already outdated by most industry standards. 

Not that long ago, it was enough for a business just to have a web presence. It was really just another avenue for users to gather basic information about your company and its offerings. In today’s modern consumer-driven world, however, a website must deliver so much more. Today, it has to be designed for optimal engagement, fast delivery of information, and have the ability to sell on the platform itself, instantly. Of course, you can’t do all of this with a “dated” website.  

So, what can you do to update your website for today’s consumer to encourage them to stick around?  Here are some easy updates you can employ for a more modernized user experience:

  • Streamline – These days, we have a firm understanding of consumer psychology and how it relates to the digital experience.  Even just a few years ago, we’d often see websites that were riddled with clutter, crazy color schemes, too much text, and lacking visuals.  So, the first thing you can do to update your website is to simply clean it up. The most successful websites focus on minimalism, creating simple and effective content and visuals that don’t bombard the user’s senses and drive them away.  Remember, attention spans are short, so it’s best to minimize distractions.     
  •  Social Media – Engagement is everything when it comes to reaching and converting digital users.  So, prove to your consumer base that you are interested in sharing assets and information that cater to their interests and needs.  Add social media links to your website so that users can easily get in touch with you and learn more about your story and overall mission.  
  • Blogs – Blogs are becoming an increasingly popular addition to company websites for their ability to relay expertise and demonstrate your active engagement and attentiveness.  By adding a blog, you can not only educate your audience and deliver more in-depth information relating to the subjects which they seek, a blog can also significantly up your SEO game, which ultimately allows more users to discover your business.    
  • Video – The use of digital videos has really taken off in the realm of marketing, and your business can use this to its advantage.  We all know that images are powerful and easy to digest. So, create a brief video introducing your company, and add it to your homepage, your blog, your social media accounts, etc.  Video is a great way to tell your story and to ensure that users click and stick around to hear you out.  
  • Email – Believe it or not, email lists and email marketing is not dead!  As your website directs users to convert through a call to action, make sure it also guides them to an email opt-in.  Remember, the consumer has clicked on your page because they are looking for something of value, so give it to them. 

When it comes to understanding and creating a digital experience for today’s consumer, web design is all about simplicity, being clear and concise, and reaching them on their level on their time. With these simple changes, you can quickly and easily modernize your company website for more engaging, conversion-driven results.  

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