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The holiday season is so cheerful and festive that it tends to bring the best out of everyone. It’s truly the happiest time of year, and it’s a great time for you to let your brand’s personality really shine. One of the best and brightest opportunities for that is in your company’s “Happy Holidays” posts on social media. So, we thought we would offer a few holiday post ideas, tips, and examples to help you make the most of it!

Basic Social Media Caption Tips

  • Remember that your audience is likely comprised of a very diverse collection of readers and followers. Try to keep your copy neutral, free of any controversial topics, and mindful of a wide variety of personal belief systems.
  • Keep the timing in mind. Sure, you can post your “Happy New Year” post on January 1, but many more people are likely to see it if you post on December 30 or January 2.
  • Tailor your content to the platform. Each social media platform has its own image specs, character counts, and user expectations. Use the same content, but be sure to adapt it appropriately.

Holiday Post Ideas for Business

  • If your company is supporting a charitable cause for the holidays, turn it into a fun social media campaign that your visitors can participate in.
  • Run a photo contest or holiday-themed giveaway.
  • Run a “12 days of…” campaign. Choose a topic or theme that is well-aligned to your business.
  • Share behind-the-scenes peeks at how your team celebrates the holiday.
  • If your business is part of the food and beverage industry, consider sharing a dessert or cocktail recipe.
  • Share a fun DIY project that you’re sure will interest your specific audience.
  • Add a festive flair to the content you would have posted, anyway.
  • Consider a “punny” play on words.
  • Don’t forget to post your business hours, even if you’re just saying, “We’ll be open during regular business hours on Christmas and New Year’s Day!”

Holiday Caption Examples for Business

Captions are perhaps the most challenging aspect of social media posts, no matter what time of year it is. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

“The entire team here at [company] wishes you a holiday season be filled with warmth, comfort, and good cheer! We hope you enjoy the break, and we look forward to working with your business in the new year ahead.”

“Thanks so much for all your support throughout the year! Wishing you the happiest holiday season and all the best for 2020!”

“Each and every one of our customers means the world to us here at [company], and we simply can’t say enough to express our gratitude for your ongoing support throughout the years. We hope you have a magical Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Whatever content you post during the holidays (or any time of year, really), the key is to ensure you’re being authentic with your audience. Save the “hard sell” for another time. When you’re wishing them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, be sincere and direct, and you are sure to get a great response from your followers!


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