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The next generation of marketing is here and it is called digital marketing.

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What makes digital marketing superior to previous forms of marketing is its ability to dial in and target your optimal demographic and region to make the most of your budget. Digital Marketing a numerous amount of options to choose from.

Let’s start at the top.

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The first step is determining what it is that you are seeking from advertising online. The most common answer is to sell a product or a service for your business. Let’s dial in what that looks like.

Is the measure of success the number of phone calls we get or is the number of orders placed on your website? This all depends on what is right for your business.


Digital marketing can take many forms but the three most common are SEO, Advertising, and Social Media. Let’s take brief look at each to get a better idea of what your strategy might look like.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is optimizing your website for common keywords that your market identifies as common keywords. For example if you were a Bakery and someone was searching for Birthday Cakes, as a business you would want to make sure your website showed up at the top of the search result. This is what SEO does for you. It takes keywords specific to your site and works to gain your a better place in a search engine. The three most common search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Google is the primary choice of most internet users so we place a strong emphasis here.


Advertising takes many forms across the internet but the most common can be found in and around websites. Many times when you are a on a website you might see an ad or might even notice that a product you recently viewed on a website has been following you around other websites. This is Advertising in the Digital Marketing world. There are many methodologies to advertising in the digital marketing world and they all depend on your type of business and your overall goal.

Social Media

Social Media is growing faster than ever and ever day it seems a new platform emerges. The most common forms of social media are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are few people you will come across that don’t have access to one of those three platforms. There common use makes Social Media a very popular place to launch a product, pitch a service, or build a brand.

Supporting Types

Now we start to get into a part of marketing that may be slightly unfamiliar to some. These methods are supporting roles in the digital marketing world. Think of it like this… You could easily pick up a box and carry it to the top of a hill but wouldn’t it be easier if you had a cart to put the box on so you could roll it to the top of the hill instead?! The purpose of a supporting type is the same, make it easier and makes it faster.


A blog is commonly thought of as a method for someone to journal about a topic on the web but I assure you it is more than that. There are several goals to accomplish. First, show your potential clients that your company is active (also Google). Second, Ramp up those keywords. Third, keep your ideas organized and user friendly so customers understand what it is they are looking at. Lastly, give something for others to share and get the word out for you!

Link Building

Link building helps bring customers to your site through other channels. Your mission in link building is to get your site on as many other sites as possible while making sure your are not causing any sort of spam issues. The higher the number of referring links to your site the better for your sites potential success!