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In business, having a solid web presence is a great way to gain clients and improve the reputation of your company. A professional website helps centralizes information about your services and products and can even serve as a revenue center. There are a number of important points to consider before taking the leap to hire a Chicago web designer to build your company’s website. Let’s take a look:

Resist the lure of DIY website builders.

Nowadays there are many services, such as Squarespace and Wix, which allow you to build a website for free or at very low rates. These companies strive to make the website design experience as accessible as possible, but there are many good reasons to hire a designer rather than trying to take on this project yourself. There are also several hidden costs that you may not have considered, such as lost opportunity, ongoing subscription fees, lack of tech support, poor SEO, and so much more. (Learn more about the hidden costs of building a website on Wix here.)

Check with trusted connections in your network for personal recommendations of a designer

If you think it would be beneficial for your company to hire a designer to build your company site, where better to check than your own network? Getting a testimonial from a trusted connection helps to ensure you hire an honest and qualified Chicago web designer. If you don’t know anyone who can offer a recommendation, search for online reviews on Google, Facebook, and other review platforms. 

Ask to see the web designer’s portfolio.

Any professional Chicago web designer should have a portfolio of web design projects they have completed in the past, along with customer testimonials. Being able to see the designer’s skills in action is a great way to determine if they are qualified for the job, and seeing examples of other websites can help you figure out how you want your own website to look.

Draft a rough sketch of what you want from your company’s website.

By having a more specific idea of what you are looking for in the website you want built, you can make sure the designer is sufficiently qualified to provide you with the product you are looking for. This also gives the designer the chance to show more of their expertise and offer suggestions.

Determine what you will need to provide the web designer.

When building a website, having clearly written pages and well integrated company logos helps ensure customers and clients enjoy their experience on your website. The job of the web designer, though, is generally focused on building the structure and style of the website. If you don’t already have a graphic designer and copywriter on your team, these may be people you need to hire to work with the website designer in creating a beautiful, polished website.  (Here at Britefish, we offer all of the resources you need, from copywriting to design, and even IT support!)

Request a Clear, Detailed Contract from Your Web Designer.

Before hiring a Chicago web designer, it is essential to ensure they will be able to complete the project to your specifications and on the necessary timeline. Make sure you communicate your budget and double check that this project won’t be an expense your business can’t afford. Having a clear contract helps make sure expectations are well-communication so there will be fewer chances of running into unexpected issues.  

By following these tips, your business should be able to find a designer well suited to the specific needs of the company. Best of luck!

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