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There’s no question that modern society is 100% web-driven. No matter what industry you work in, you probably spend all day on a certain set of websites, programs, and applications that keep your career moving forward. That is just the nature of the workforce in 2019, but what’s interesting is how we approach computers, mobile devices, and the internet in our personal time. How often do you leave your digitally-focused workday, only to spend the rest of your evening on yet another computer or mobile device?

These are important factors to consider when you’re talking about any modern small business. Print marketing may not be totally dead yet, but it certainly isn’t the all-important marketing tool it once was. Its reach and efficacy do not even come close to the results you get from its digital counterpart. So, you have to put that into a practical perspective when you’re planning how your marketing dollars will be spent in the year ahead.

Where are you going to reach the largest audience? The internet.

Where do you get the best data for evaluating your marketing success? The internet.

What medium gives you the greatest input and flexibility? The internet.

We could go on, but surely, you get the point. What we are telling you is that digital marketing is the heart of your brand. It’s your pipeline to business success and longevity. In short, you absolutely can’t do without it, but it’s not enough to just point and shoot.

Effective digital marketing requires expertise and careful planning. Many business owners assume that because they are adept at using social media in their personal lives, they’ll be able to do the same for business. Another common mishap is relying on a DIY website builder because it seems like such a budget-saver. You can trust us when we tell you it definitely is not. Platforms like Wix and Squarespace cost you a significant amount of time and opportunity, and most people who try to go that route end up hiring a professional in the end, anyway.

If you’re in the process of planning a marketing strategy for your new, emerging, or high-growth business, ask how we can help. We have made it our mission to support the business owners of our community and beyond, and we sincerely want to see you succeed!

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